Making a Shure M65 Analog Phono Preamp Clone

My most recent project has been building a clone of a vintage Shure M65 Phono preamp. This design is old enough that it doesn't even use diodes in the power stage, instead relying on a 6AL5 compatible electron tube to act as a power rectifier instead of the usual 4 diode set up seen in more modern equipment. For amplification and RIAA equalization it uses a relatively straightforward circuit of 12AX7 tubes, capacitors, and resistors. It uses a custom transformer to power it all since it requires 110v, 12.6v, and 6.3v AC current which was not something I was able to find as an off the shelf part. While I was able to source a vintage Philips Miniwatt tube for the power rectification stage I'm still hunting for a nice set of vintage tubes to replace the pair of JJ Electronics 12AX7s that I'm currently using. I'm still working on finishing the case, shielding, and grounding it but the electronics all work and it sounds amazing! Please enjoy this gallery of it's construction.